“Celebrity Eulogy” Info

“Celebrity Eulogy” presents a comedic look at what could (or should) be said of various celebrities, if they died today. Celebrity Eulogy is filmed in Los Angeles, and hosted by comedian David Race.

If you are sick of entertainment TV shows kissing the butts of every celebrity on earth… Then this channel is for you!

Many more celebrity “deaths” are expected. And reports on each as they come in will be appearing here (not so) soon.


You can also visit the Celebrity Eulogy YouTube channel HERE

Keep visiting, if you want to make sure you know who “goes” next!

Host: David Race (DavidRace.com)

Writers: Brad Odor, Alfred Penfield VII, Arnie Rubble, and David Race
Production: Howie Getdisfarr and Pete Zah
Editing: Dennis Tzeng

Media and Fan Inquiries can be sent to CelebrityEulogy@fan.com

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Legal Notice: At the time of filming, the celebrities in these segments were not deceased. The content in the segments is humor and satire. The content contains comedic opinions of the persons mentioned, not facts.

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